Mississippi Turntup Movie and Soundtrack

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Mississippi Turntup Movie / Dvd

Inspiring Model Keisha (Just Brittany) gets caught up in a drug war for power between trappers Money (Mando Allen) and Cocaine Redd (Mystikal) while blood flows down the old Mississippi River.

Mississippi Turntup Soundtrack / Cd

1. V-Lo The Maestro Feat. Kevin Gates - Tipsy
2. Lil Cali Feat. Kevin Gates & Nunu James - Cut Up 
3. Just Brittany - On Top  
4. Lil Cali Feat. Kevin Gates - Nasty
5. Teflon Hardheadz Feat. Lil Cali - Turnt Up  
6. Lil Cali Feat. Young Dolph & Mouse On The Track - Da Plug  
7. Mystikal - Robert Dinero  
8. Lil Cali Feat. Scotty Cain - Ain't Bout To Play  
9. V-Lo The Maestro Feat. Young Buck - Go Time  
10. Alonna Deville - Turn Me Up
11. Lil Cali Feat. Juvenile - Fuckable  
12. V-Lo The Maestro Feat. Kevin Gates - With Them Bands 
13. Mula Pugh - Designer Down 
14. Lil Cali Feat. Level & Mouse On Tha Track - One Way
15. Lil Cali Feat. Wale & Juvenile - Findaway  
16. V-Lo The Maestro Feat. Just Brittany & BAT - Sip Slow 
17. Rosegold Feat. Alonna Deville - So Conceited
18. Rob J - Five Dollars Aint Shit  
19. Rob G Da Don Feat. D Boy - Switcharoo 
20. South Style Ent. Feat. Level - Shake Your Booty Baby Challenge