About Us

Mando Allen

CEO of Scotlawood Motion Pictures.

Dewey Allen

CEO of Scotlawood Motion Pictures. Executive Producer on many films such as My Side Piece and My Side Piece Hit The Lotto.

Allen, in addition to his many talents, is not only a proud father of published author Raheem Allen, but a professional, and a pillar in the community. He enjoys being meticulous and finding depth and meaning in both his personal and professional life. Because of this, Allen expresses his passion to produce movies with admirable plots that relate to his audience that come primarily "from the soul" and various life experiences. Due to the growing popularity of his most recent work, Allen is widely known for his latest movie "My Side Piece".

A few notable collaborations to mention in Allen's works: Hawthorne "Big Red" James (Five Heartbeats); Tommy Ford (Martin Show); Karlie Redd (Love & Hip Hop - Atlanta); Diamond (Sisterhood of Hiphop); Mystikal, and regional blues artist Pokey Bear

Raheem Allen

CTO of Scotlawood Motion Pictures. Writer and Director of the feature Twisted Ambitions.

Raheem Allen

Vincent Perry

Owner of Perry Productions. Vincent works with The Allen Brotherz on numerous projects assisting in camera and lighting.

Roman Wilson

Cinematographer for Scotlawood Motion Pictures