Studio Gangster Movie and Soundtrack / Dvd and Cd

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Studio Gangster Movie / Dvd

Some of the best things in life come from accidents. Combining the southern heat with the southern streets of Louisiana, a pimp Mando Slim (Mando Allen) impregnates one of his whores, leading to the birth of his son in the most unusual places inside a studio booth. Given his birth name from his birthplace, “Studio” (E Master C) 
becomes a man who is loyal to his father and has made a name for himself in the music industry.

Life isn’t always filled with pleasant surprises, but “Studio” always finds a way to make the most out of all situations. “Studio” has a trap queen after his heart and the loyalty of most. And while a friend, “MTF” (Alan Wooley), shares similar dreams with “Studio” in becoming music moguls in the making, “MTF” soon chooses between fame and friendship—and what he will choose to sacrifice to accomplish his own agenda. 

Studio Gangster tells the story of deals, drugs and double crosses. Find out how mistakes become destiny and how threats become promises.

Director and Producer Dewey Allen introduces the world to this new menace, the American Gangster, “Studio”.

Studio Gangster Soundtrack / Cd

01. V-Lo The Maestro, Young Buck - Go Time
02. V-Lo The Maestro, Kevin Gates - Tipsy
03. Quick Badazz, Bighead Da Dome Doctor - Real Nigga Swag 
04. King Ryce, Underboss, J Tax - Prayed for Me
05. Judy Boy - Red Stick
06. Lil Cali, Level, Mouse on the Track - One Way
07. Quick Badazz - Way Too Serious
08. Quires - Then
09. E Master C, MTF - Studio Gangster
10. King Ryce, Baby J, Monty - Promise 2 Stay the Same
11. Fletch, Gabe Parker - Overdose
12. Lil Cali, Wale, Juvenile - Findaway
13. Color Wheel - Niggaz Plotted
14. E Master C, Chris T - Jump out Boyz 
15. D Streetz, Shane, Rain - Dear God
16. E Master C, Judy Boy, Bayou - Roc Man
17. Black Savage, Dirty Dave - Footsteps of a Dead Man
18. Hitman, The Hustle - Getting Dollars